July 18th weekend tech and e-discovery diversions: “Is the software renaissance ending?”

This weekend:

Tech diversions

* Is the software renaissance ending?

* How elite hackers (almost) stole the NASDAQ

* A case called Alice: software patents and the U.S. Supreme Court

* How to lie with education data


E-discovery diversions


* The link between e-discovery and information governance (from Bassam Zarkout of RSD)

* Gimme some of that ole predictive coding confusion! (from Bill Dimm of Clustify)

July 12th weekend tech and e-discovery diversions: “Facebook (mis)steps in deep data mining doo-doo”

This weekend:

Tech diversions

* Facebook (mis)steps in deep data mining doo-doo

* Apple’s soon-to-be-released iPhone 6 said to arrive with new haptic technology

* How the CIA partnered with Amazon and changed intelligence

* A digital “eye in the sky” has been used to capture 34 murderers, solve 75 murders and many other crimes

* Silicon Valley’s talent grab spawns high-school interns … and they are making a fortune

E-discovery diversions


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June 20th weekend e-discovery/tech diversions: “Lawyers who understand data visualization avoid e-discovery sanctions”

This weekend:

* Lawyers who understand data visualization avoid e-discovery sanctions

* The world assumed Amazon would always be an online bookshop. They were wrong. 

* The internet is aswarm in denial of service attacks … and it’s getting worse

* Foreign nations’ assets are subject to discovery, says the U.S. Supreme Court

* At a review speed of 75 files per hour it would take 7,533 attorney hours to read 565,000 documents

* FireEye and Google have dismantled part of a mobile…

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June 13th weekend e-discovery/tech diversions: “Jihadists are tearing Iraq apart, and U.S. intelligence, with all its high-tech, misses it. Again.”

This weekend:

* Why does a $50 billion intelligence community keep getting taken by surprise?

* Vodafone’s revelation of direct access by governments to customer data caused a stir. How Hogan Lovells helped them fashion the report.

* “Relax.  We’re nowhere near Skynet”, says Facebook engineer re: an apocalyptic future wherein robots rise up and enslave humanity. Wait a minute. Is that his tongue in his cheek?

* How to create a…

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June 7th weekend e-discovery/tech diversions: “Enable information governance? Yeah, yeah. We do that. Really. We do.”

This weekend:

* “Enable information governance? Yo! No prob! Got ya covered!”

* Maintaining privilege in the age of e-discovery

* A U.S. ambassador was sworn in on a Kindle. Cool.

* A company just appointed an algorithm to its board of directors

* The U.S. Secret Service wants software that detects social media sarcasm. Yeah, sure. That’ll work.



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